We are sitting in the Barcelona Airport waiting for our plane to board. We’ve had a really nice, relaxing time here, but I think we are both ready to get home. Does anyone else ever feel that way? It’s not that we want to leave Barcelona, I think it’s that we just want to sleep in our own bed before we head off on our next trip tomorrow, ya know?


We did not take a lot of pictures, but here are the few that we did take!


These pictures are from Baga. We went on a tour that took us through Spain, France, and Andorra. Baga was one of the towns that we stopped in on our way through Spain.


We went to Sagrada Familia, and I was hesitant to pay to go inside because I felt like it might be just like the other churches that we had been in before, and why would we justify paying for it. I am so glad that we dished out the money; it was absolutely stunning inside. It really was not that expensive, but ya know, college and insurance are.

Make sure that if you decide to go that you book your tickets in advance. We just walked right in because we had booked our tickets already, but the line to buy tickets looked gnarly.


We tried going to the Magic Fountain, but we did not see that there are only shows at 9pm and 9:30pm. Of course, we went before everything was open, so we walked around the grounds instead and they were beautiful!


This is the view from our hotel window. We stayed at the Hotel 1898 on La Rambla. It was a pretty good location to be able to walk to most places. Before you check out the pricing, remember that Mason and I never pay full price for a hotel. This was another Priceline find! We stayed there for a week, but only payed for less than a night and a half.

Overall the trip was beautiful, but if I am being 100% honest, I don't think that we will be going back anytime soon. We were constantly hungry because everything opened at weird times and we aren't seafood-loving people. I love, love, loved all the art and architecture, but we really could have done everything in two or three days. I felt uncomfortable taking out my camera because we did not feel safe using it anywhere (hence pictures from less than half of what we did while we were there).

If we were to do this trip again, I think we would fly to Barcelona for two or three days (stay on the beach), then travel to another part of Spain or another country all together, explore that place, move on to another place, then fly back from our last destination. I also think that we would have stayed wither just outside the city or right on the beach. If we had stayed outside of the city, I think we would have rented a car too because outside of the city, the driving is really not that bad. I am glad that we did not have a car with the location that we chose though because the driving was a little nuts (as it is in all major cities).

This whole post is a little jumbled up, and I think that represents my feelings on the trip in general. It was beautiful, I don't think we'll go back, but overall we had a good time.

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