Over President’s Day weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to my parent’s place. My mom keeps promising warmer weather, but Mother Nature does not seem to enjoy delivering on those promises when we’re there! ;P I feel like every time it starts getting warmer, someone comments on how warm it is, then the weather goes: “PSYCH!!” Se la vie. The sun will come out tomorrow.

It was fun to hang out with everyone! We took it pretty easy (again). Mason and I finally got copies of our marriage certificate, so I can change my last name on my legal documents. Wahoo! We also went shopping with my family, hit the beach, and saw Beauty and the Beast.

Can we talk about how well done the movie was? I feel like it’s hard to redo a classic, but they nailed it! The costuming was beautiful, the scenery was stunning, and the casting was so well done! The new numbers have been stuck in my head for two weeks now, and Dan Stevens singing? Be still, my soul!! From a more critical perspective: they definitely used autotune, and you can tell, but it really was not that bad. As for the “exclusively gay moment,” I personally think it was one of the dumbest controversies regarding Disney to date. For starters, LeFou was gay in the cartoon (sorry if I just ruined your childhood). There was nothing overtly flamboyant if you are worried about that. Disney made a mistake in letting the cast talk about Lefou’s number because there was nothing new in the movie.

When we went shopping, we planned on only hitting Nike because Mason and my sister needed new shoes, but it turned into a two or three-hour tour of the mall. It was super fun! We all found a few things that we needed (including tanks for Mason when he's lifeguarding this summer!).

Overall: we had a great weekend, and we are so glad that we got to hang out with family!


Mason saw a girl wearing an off the shoulder shirt, so he wanted to try it 😂

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