I threw out my back yesterday, so we definitely will not be doing ANY adventuring this weekend. In honor of our weekend of making sure I move as little as possible, I thought I would take this time to catch up on blogging the last few trips. This is the first in a series of catching up. We spent the weekend before my birthday in Boston. This was our second time in Boston together, so we decided to take it slow and relax.

If you know me well, you know that I would live in Boston in a heartbeat. It's definitely my favorite U.S. city because it is so quiet, and there are tons of things to do!

When we landed, we hit the hotel first to see if they would let us check in early since we'd flown in on a redeye. They were so nice and let us check in! If you have status with some hotel companies, they will let you check in early or check out late free of charge. We have only been turned away from checking in early once.


When we go places, I check Pinterest and Instagram hashtags beforehand to see if there are any places on there that we would want to visit. During a couple of those searches, I found the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It was even more beautiful than the pictures online! It was robbed in the early 90's which was (I believe) the highest-valued robbery of a private art collection to date. This Wikipedia article says that there were 13 pieces of art stolen valued at $500,000,000. The pieces were never recovered, so as you walk around the museum, you will notice some empty frames around the rooms. The most noticeable one is the Rembrandt missing from a second story room straight back from the stairs.

The statue to the left is in the courtyard in the center of the museum.


On Sunday, we walked through the Boston Commons and Public Gardens, Beacon Hill, and the Public Library. We did not have a definitive plan for the day, so it was nice to meander through places where we had not been yet. Beacon Hill was so cute! My favorite street was Acorn street (even though Mason kept teasing me about the street being original cobblestone). This street is probably the most authentic to the area's original look in the 18th century.

But first, let me take a selfie.

Our last stop before the airport was the public library. Unfortunately, the third floor was temporarily closed, but the courtyard was still open, so we sat outside for a little bit. It was stunning! (But cold, so our visit there was short-lived.)

When we were heading home, we got to the airport early and sat in the Delta lounge. I went to grab a Diet Coke and on my way back to our seats, I thought I passed by Mitt Romney. I told Mason that I thought I saw him, then he walked past us again! We were speculating whether or not he would be on our flight; he was! We were sitting in first class one row behind him. Mason and I couldn't keep our cool, but we never actually talked to him. I guess that was a lot of build up to say that we could have met Mitt Romney, but we didn't for some reason...

Anyways, we had such a nice time! It was relaxing, and we can't wait to go back to our favorite city 😊.

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