July Update

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Wow it’s been a long time since we got on here and posted anything… I figured it was probably time for an update on the Slades!

  • We’ve been traveling a lot over the last couple months (if you want to read about all of it, I typed it all out below, but it’s kinda long so I won’t be offended if you skip that part 🙂 )
  • We are having a baby! Baby Girl is due at the end of December 2018. I haven’t really been craving anything, but I have a strong aversion to eggs and Chinese food. So far, she looks healthy! I am thinking about doing a full post on the whole pregnancy/baby research and hacks and personal stuff, so if you’re interested, DM or text me and I will probably put it together.
  • Mason has been meeting with clients and I have taken over a lot of his graphic design work. It’s been really fun getting to work together and build something together!
  • We are going to Oahu next month and I’m stoked! Comment/send me your suggestions for food and things to do!
  • Mason is training for the St George Marathon so he can run it with my brother and my dad. He’s been doing really well with that, but his knee has been bugging him over the last few days so he’s taking it kinda easy.
  • I’ve updated the website a little with a photography portfolio, and I am really excited about it! I think it looks really cute… I haven’t come up with how I want to work pricing yet. I don’t feel like I can charge a lot because I don’t have the experience of a full-time professional photographer, and I am still learning a lot, but I feel like I do a good job soooooo let me know what you would pay for a set of pictures because I am at a bit of a loss for how to figure this out.

Travel Update

This entire summer has been amazing. We started in Barcelona, and then made our way straight to California for 3 weeks to watch my siblings while my parents were in Italy. It was really fun to hang out with them and have some time to just hang with Julia and Nic (and help them get their homework done because obviously we're responsible adults with a baby on the way)... We didn't do a lot because they were still in school on that point, so we hung out at home for most of it. There was one day that we went down to the beach (Julia isn't a huge fan of the beach, so it was short lived, but we still had a good time)! Once my parents came home, Mason and I took a trip to San Fransisco and drove home down PCH.



After CA, we went to see Mason's family in Austin for two weeks. We took the younger two boys to the zoo with us. Ryder fed the llama and realized that they produce a lot of spit, then proceeded to wipe the spit on Carter's arm. It was the truest form of brotherly love that I have ever seen. Dallin also graduated from high school.

While we were in Austin, we decided that we wanted to take Carter to see the Arizona side of the family. We flew into Phoenix and hung with some of the Slade cousins, and Carter got a terrible sunburn because he was having too much fun to remember to apply sunscreen. He started peeling a couple days later, so during the whole road trip portion of our adventure, the backseat of our car looked like someone grated parmesan cheese all over it. Bleh. We drove from Phoenix to Eager where their grandparents live. On our way back to Provo from Eager, we took a detour at the Grand Canyon (which was stinking hot!).


Carter and I spent a day in Provo while Mason went to meetings with some of his clients. We just chilled and did laundry for most of the day because it had been WAAAAY too long. Our time in Provo was short lived because we drove up to Idaho and then over to Yellowstone (where I had never been before!). I don't feel like you can to to Yellowstone and not see Old Faithful. The geyser sputters before the big eruption, and if you don't know any better, you might think the sputter is the eruption. Carter didn't realize that, so when it started sputtering, he was pretty disappointed that we had driven all that way to see a TINY amount of water come out of the ground. When he said "Seriously?? This is it??" the lady behind us said that "It's like a strip tease!" I don't think he heard her, but it was hilarious!

pro tip: Old Faithful erupts once about every 80 minutes. You can look up the expected eruption times, so we got there right after the geyser erupted. We had no problem finding parking, and the benches around the area are all clear, so we got a great view. We brought lunch and hung out for an hour while we waited. There is also a lodge on site where you can grab lunch, use the restroom, visit the gift shop, and fill up your water bottles with freezing cold water.


About a week later, we flew back to CA because my brother Curtis came home from his mission! It was so nice to hang out with him again after two years. We took him paddleboarding, and some of us went to the San Diego Zoo during that week. My cousin Henry takes pictures of animal butts when he goes to the zoo, so I started doing that and sending them to him. I think it’s hilarious!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we can’t sit still for more than a week so we called to see if our friends in Montana would be in town for the 4th of July, and they were! We spent the week hiking, boating, chilling, and Mason went parasailing. It was such a great week that we ended up staying an extra day and barely made it back in town in time to let my dad and brother into our apartment.

Last weekend my dad and Curtis came to Provo. Curtis’ mission president came home, so they came for the homecoming talk. We floated the river, and about 5 minutes into our float, we thought that my dad’s tube popped, but none of us were close together; tbh it was a little stressful, but it all ended up being okay. The air in his tube just cooled down and did not take up as much space as when we started, so we thought he had a leak, but in reality the laws of physics retained their truth lol.

This week we are in Texas to go through the temple with Mason’s brother, Dallin. It’s gearing up to be a really good week, and I promise to be better about blogging at least until the baby comes!


  1. Shelly on July 14, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Love how much you get to travel. It was so fun to see you. I can’t wait to meet your sweet baby girl.

    • Amanda Slade on July 14, 2018 at 6:14 pm

      Thanks! It was so fun getting to see you guys too!💕

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