Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

There is something so satisfying about eating hot dogs that were roasted in a sand and soot coating. It tastes gross, but it feels so good, so you drench it in ketchup to mask the taste, and everything is right with the world! And then you get home and you still smell like campfire, and that smell lingers in your clothes until the next time you do your laundry. It's just a dreamy summer-type thing! 😍

Three of Mason's brothers came to stay with us for the week, and they had the most incredible itinerary! Mason took Dallin to Knott's Berry Farm while my mom took Carter, Ryder, and Nic to the San Diego Zoo on Monday. They decided that the zoo involved too much walking. They also all agreed that the highlight of the zoo trip was when the hippopotamus pooped RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!😱 They talked about the hippo feces all night and into the next day!

On Tuesday, everyone hung out around the pool and we did a bonfire at Huntington Beach (which was my favorite part of the week since I was working while they did all the other fun stuff). I LOVE bonfires! They are so fun; and even though hot dogs are sandy, and the wind blows the smoke in your face, I still think a bonfire at the beach is the ultimate symbol of an amazing summer!

On Wednesday, they all went to the water park. My mom is such a trooper, there is quite possibly no activity that she hates more than the water park, but she spent the day there with them and the boys all loved it! They all got a little sun, so they were dead tired by the time they got home! It was also Dallin's 18th birthday, so we celebrated with steak and pizookies and Mason took him skydiving on Thursday morning!

We loved having the boys in town for a week of swimming, laughs, and good food!

Hah! I almost forgot! So, on the plane ride here, Dallin fell asleep, and he would wake up to one or both of the boys missing. He was super confused about why they both seemed to be having bladder problems, and then he figured out that they were hazing the flight attendants for more snacks! They would come back with 2 or three bags of chips (each) every time they got up! Major shout out to Jet Blue for their unlimited snacks and unbeatable customer service! 😂

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