st george marathon


Last weekend we took a quick trip down to St George to watch Curtis and my dad run the marathon. We drove up on Friday and came back Saturday night. It was really nice (for the girls and Nicholas😜) to relax and hang out.


My mom and I both woke up at the butt crack of dawn (i.e. 3:30) with the boys because for some reason none of us could sleep that night. I guess the boys were just excited to run their first marathon, and my mom and I were riding on their coat tails? Meanwhile, Julia and Nicholas were in the other room sleeping like rocks!


There are several checkpoints where you watch the runners pass by, and one of the checkpoints is outside of a pie shop. After the boys left, my mom looked up what time the pie shop opened, and they were closed when we were going to be there! It was pretty disappointing, not going to lie, so we decided to skip that stop and watch them run by at mile 17.


We ended up making it to the finish line just in time to see the boys finish! I have never felt like I need to run a marathon ever in my life, but after watching people run across the finish line with blood on their shirts and shorts from chafing, I reeeeeeeally don’t need to run a marathon…


We were so proud of Curtis and Dad for running, and I think they are feeling really accomplished. They’ve already started talking about a timeline for their next marathon🤣.

The first 10 runners got this view of our poster. I had to snap a quick picture before I told him to fix it!

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