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Happy October! We have been so busy the last few weeks, so here is a quick update on the Slades!

  1. School started about a month ago! I feel like we finally found a rhythm, so that’s been really nice.
  2. We moved again. We were living in California over the summer, so since we go to school in Utah, we had to move back. We had everything unpacked in three days!! Mason’s moving philosophy (before we were married) was: if he couldn’t fit everything (and he meant everything) in five Costco bins, then he had too much stuff and he needed to get rid of some things. We obviously have a lot more stuff now, so that theory went out the window. 😉
  3. Mason’s birth-two-weeks is officially over. I really dropped the ball on this one and ordered his gifts three days before his birthday (eyeroll), and his last gift finally came about a week ago.
  4. We bought a truck! I am going to be doing my practicum in South Jordan, which is about 45 minutes away. Mason would have 3 hours of driving time if he were to drop me off every day, and I couldn’t leave him stranded at home because he needs to get to school, so the truck was the newest addition to the family! (yeah, that last sentence is confusing, so don't worry: there is an explanation coming)
  5. On the truck note: We have a truck for sale! If you or anyone you know are in the market for a truck around $5500, let us know. It’s a long story, but we ended up going with a different car. (There is nothing wrong with the truck, we just decided that a different car was what we need right now).
  6. And on that note, we bought a Jeep! It's been an eventful two weeks with our automobile situation, but we are STOKED about this Jeep! So, the Jeep is actually the newest member of the family. (pictured at the bottom of this post)
  7. Have you ever played Resistance? Our friend Sam brought it over for game night one week, and I think we have a new family favorite. It was so much fun! The arguments got pretty heated and my voice was shot for a good day and a half after playing. I would 10/10 recommend that game to anyone.
  8. I am in a class where one of our assignments is to read 30 children’s books, and it has been awesome. I haven’t had an excuse to read this much in such a long time, and I forgot how much I love reading books! I am looking for some children’s informational texts, so if you have a great one that you’ve read, please tell me about it! I would love your recommendations!

I hope this post finds everyone alive and well. Also, who else is loving this weather? Fall is just so pretty!

flower hill
hills 2
mason copy 3
Mason built a website for this guy in Mapleton, and he wanted some pictures of the cemetery. The wreath and the hands were some of my favorites from the shoot! 😊
hands 2
Have no fear, there's nothing wrong with the Jeep, we were helping a friend!

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