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Cozumel, Mexico

FINALS ARE OVER!!!! This semester was a doozy guys; I am so stoked to be done with school for a couple weeks! Here’s just a little update on our happenings over the last few/next few weeks: We just got back from a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico! It was so beautiful. Mason and I explored the…

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Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

There is something so satisfying about eating hot dogs that were roasted in a sand and soot coating. It tastes gross, but it feels so good, so you drench it in ketchup to mask the taste, and everything is right with the world! And then you get home and you still smell like campfire, and…

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Over President’s Day weekend, we decided to take a quick trip to my parent’s place. My mom keeps promising warmer weather, but Mother Nature does not seem to enjoy delivering on those promises when we’re there! ;P I feel like every time it starts getting warmer, someone comments on how warm it is, then the…

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